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Punjab Agriculture Department will install 1500 biogas plants

Agricultural Engineering wing of the Punjab Agriculture Department will install 1500 family-sized (15 cubic meter capacity) biogas plants at different places in the province under a programme to promote biogas to meet the domestic energy requirements.

It is hoped that introduction of biogas plants would help meeting the energy crisis as well as reduce the environmental pollution.

While the slurry produced by this plant could be used as fertiliser helping increasing the yield by 20 per cent, said the Punjab Agriculture Minister Ahmad Ali Aulakh.The minister stated that special training has been imparted to agricultural engineers and technical staff, which would then train and guide the growers about installation and operation of biogas plants.

Moreover, the department is also providing facility to select place and analyse quality of water for installation of tube wells.

He said that power drilling rigs facility was also being provided to the growers where water level was very low especially in Barani areas.He was speaking at certificate distribution ceremony of two-day workshop on biogas technology.

The ceremony was also addressed by Director General (Field) Dr Muhammad Yaseen and others.

The ceremony was held at Agriculture Machinery Research Institute (AMRI) Multan, said a spokesman of the department.The minister threw light on various steps being taken by the government for promotion of mechanised agriculture in the province.

He also said that 155 small dams had been constructed in Barani areas to improve under ground sweet water reserves and to provide water to growers for irrigation.He also urged the federal government to keep the provincial government informed about dealers’ network providing imported urea at the rate of Rs 1350 per bag.

Speaking on this occasion Director General (Field Agriculture Department) Dr Muhammad Yaseen said that waste of 54 million cattles found in Pakistan could be used to produce biogas.

He claimed that this waste could produce 25 million cubic meter biogas daily and 51 million people could take benefit of it, while it would also produce 28 million tons of bio fertilisers.

He also disclosed that the agriculture department would work in collaboration with literacy department to create awareness among the growers about use of agricultural machinery.

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