Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center (PABIC)

Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center (PABIC) at Latif Ebrahim Jamal National Science Information Center International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences

University of Karachi

Internship Program for Youth- 2011

Internship Program for Youth- 2011
Internship Program for Youth- 2011

The  Pakistan  Biotechnology  Information  Center (PABIC)  at  Latif  Ebrahim  Jamal  National Science  Information  Center,  is  a  national  non-profitable  organization  functioning  under  the patronage of International Service for Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA), and National  Commission  on  Biotechnology.  The  initiative  of  the  establishment  of  Pakistan Biotechnology  Information  Center was  an  attempt  to  promote  the multidisciplinary  research and  enhance  the  awareness  and  appreciation  of  biotechnology  at  the  local  and  international levels.  The  PABIC  also  works to  design educational  approaches  to  train  interdisciplinary scientists  in  emerging  area  of  health,  agriculture,  bioinformatics,  and  environmental biotechnology. To promote  the understanding of  the biotechnology and related biological sciences among  the youth of Pakistan,  the PABIC announces  the  internship program (one month) in collaboration with  ICCBS  institutions  for  the  final  year  B.  Sc.  students  (with  subjects  biochemistry, microbiology and biology) of the degree colleges and universities of Pakistan in the following fields:

a) Agriculture Biotechnology
b) Molecular Biology
c) Stem Cell Research
d) Cell Biology (Microscopy)
e) Bioassay Screening
f) Molecular and Cellular Immunology
Applications mentioning the area of interest can be sent to the following address along with the
recommendations of the head of the institutions, latest by May 18th
, 2011. Applicant must have
throughout first division in the whole academic carrier (attested documents must be attached with  the  application).  Selected  candidates  will  be  placed  in  various  sections  of  the  ICCBS  institutions  (  for  one  month.  An  honorarium  of  Rs.  5,000/-  will  be  paid  to selected  internees  and  certificates  will  be  issued  on  successful  completion  of  internship program. No accommodation and travel charges will be provided.

Director PABIC
HEJ Research Institute of Chemistry,
International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences,
University of Karachi. Karachi-75270, Pakistan
Web: Documents with the application
1 Application with clearly mentioned contact details (e-mail/phone number) and
filed of interest.
2 Photocopy of all documents (attested)
3 Recommendation letter from the head of the department / Principal of the college

Download PABIC Internship Program form Youth – 2011

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