PSF holds poster competition

PSF (Pakistan Science Foundation)holds poster competition


Islamabad—Pakistani youth has great potential and the only need is to explore their talent by involving them in creative activities.

These views were expressed by Chairman Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro while inaugurating 20th annual Poster Competition & Exhibition organized by PSF, here today.

The theme of the 20th Annual Inter Board Science Poster Competition was “Biodiversity of Pakistan” which is most relevant in view of the Biodiversity related issues.

Chairman PSF graced the occasion as Chief Guest. In his address he said that the young minds expressed their capabilities in an impressive way, by depicting their understanding on the burning issues related to science.

This surely shows their sensitivity & level of awareness to such issues.

He further added that it is every positive effort to improve youth in such creative activities, adding the display of these posters clearly manifests that the future of Pakistan is bright.

He further highlighted the importance of biodiversity in our cultural conditions and its possible ways of expansion.

Biodiversity also called biological diversity can be defined as variety of life on earth and the natural patrons it forms.

The biodiversity we see today is the fruit of billion of years of evolution, shape by natural process as well as weather influence of human activities.

Human are fully dependent upon the products supply by the biodiversity of the organisms on earth and their associated ecosystems.

This Poster Competition aims to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and to describe its role in our every day life.

It is an effort to highlight the role of international community for conservation of biodiversity and to develop a sustainable way of using it today and for the future.

The Poster Competition will show multiple faces of biodiversity and our dependent on it and our everyday life.

Information about the threats to biodiversity and need to address them are presented in the exhibition in an interesting way habitat loss through changes in land use in particular the conversion of natural ecosystem to crop land continuous to the bigger direct cause of biodiversity loss.

These poster & essay competitions are organized in collaboration with the different Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education across the country.

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