Pak student makes solar-powered vehicle

Pak student makes solar-powered vehicle

DIY-solar-powered vehicle

MONITORING REPORT LHR: A Pakistani student, Farrukh Khan, of Mechanical Student from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore has created a new vehicle called Solaron, propelled by solar power. A reverse-three-wheel style model, the single-seat device features two wheels in front, and one in the back for stabilization.

According to the Farrukh Khan, the main brain behind of the initiative, the entire project cost is less than $600.

Made with parts from a bicycle and a custom built aluminum chassis, the three-wheel vehicle has a photovoltaic canopy, which doubles as a power provider and a nice way to shade the rider on the stripped-down device.

Propelled by a 12-volt battery and a 24-volt motor, the Solaron has a top speed just under 20 mph, so the vehicle isn’t exactly street friendly in most cases, but could certainly keep up with congested urban traffic. Approximately 7 feet long, 3.5 feet wide and 4.5 feet tall.

Source: technologytimes

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