Pakistan to launch Remote Sensing Satellite in 2014

SUPARCO aims to follow up with another satellite

RSSS will also be significant in executing application projects of national significance.

ISLAMABAD (APP) – After the successful launch of communication satellite Paksat-IR, the Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) plans to launch high resolution Remote Sensing Satellite System (RSSS) in 2014.
The system is planned to be a progressive and sustainable programme. Initially, the commission planned to launch an optical satellite with payload of 2.5 meter PAN in 700 km sun-synchronous or bit by the end of current, which will be followed by a series of optical and SAR Satellites.
SUPARCO Secretary Arshad H Siraj said it would be helpful in exploiting the potentials of space technologies for natural resource surveying and environmental monitoring. The system will also be significant in executing application projects of national significance, transfer technology to users in public and private sectors as remote sensing along with its allied technologies has become an industry in itself.
He said the commission was the pioneer in introducing these technologies in Pakistan using the satellite remote sensing techniques and the system would also be helpful in improving agriculture of the country, water resources, environment and other such issues.
The SUPARCO is aimed at contributing to the socio-economic development of the country by demonstrating the potential of space technologies for natural resources surveying and environment monitoring, he added.
Pakistan entered the space age with the formal launching of a second hand purchased Paksat-I in January 2003.
“Since then, our scientists and engineers had been making endeavours to launch indigenous satellite and ensure country’s permanent presence in the space”.
In replying to a question, the SUPARCO secretary said under the vision 2040 of Pakistan’s Space programme, more satellites would be launched, which would help improve socio-economic condition of the country. As far as launch of spaceship is concerned, no such planning is in considerations and the focus is to launch more communication satellites, he maintained.

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