Asad Recreates Newton’s telescope

Pakistani recreates Newton’s telescope

newtons telescop
 MONITORING REPORT ISLAMABAD: Asad Mehmood at Irtiqa, a young student in Okara, has built his own Newtonian telescope from scratch.

“I not only bought lenses from optics shops but more frequently I got magnifying glasses from bookstores. Then I bought a toy telescope, checked out its internals and made another one identical to it,” Asad Mehmood told the media while elaborating his production work.

The success of this first invention spurred him on. Not content with toy telescopes, he says, “That was when there rose in me the ambition to build a telescope to view the sky and the moon, the stars and planets,” he explained.

First, he made a version of the Galilean telescope, the model the famous Italian astronomer used to observe the moon and sunspots. Then Asad moved on to study the model that Isaac Newton designed.

At this stage, Khwarizmi Science Society helped him find the materials he needed to make parabolic mirrors. His finished model now can magnify images up to 300 times the size visible to the naked eye.

No one in Pakistan had ever built this kind of telescope before. Asad contribution underscores the need for more science societies in Islamic countries to encourage students to take up science as a career.

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