Biogas Plant Construction Manual Fixed-dome Digester

Family Type Biogas Plants

Table of Contents

1.  Introduction

2.  Determining Plant Size

3.  Selection of Construction Materials

3.1  Cement

3.2  Sand.

3.3  Gravel .

3.4  Water .

3.5  Bricks .

3.6  Cobble Stones .

4.  Construction Site Selection .

5.  Site Layout ..

6.  Excavation.

7.  Construction of Digester Main Chamber ..

8.  Dome Construction

9.  Outlet Chamber Construction

10.  Construction of Inlet Tank

11.  Lay-out of Pipeline

12.  Compost Pits

13.  Biogas Appliances


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Table 2.1    Plant size and average daily feedstock.

Table 2.2   Dimensions for the Various Plant Sizes from the Design in Figure 2.1

Table 3.1    Biogas Plant Construction Materials


Figure 2.1  Gobar Biogas Plant Design

Figure 11.1  Schematic for Condensate Drain Valve in Gas Line.

Figure 14.1  AREA Biogas Model Design

 (Note: Biogas Plant Construction Manual  was published in

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