First biological treatment plant in Pakistan

Biological treatment plant

A local NGO has set up Pakistan’s first biological waste water treatment plant in Majeed Keerio, a small village in the outskirts of Nawabshah, with the help of UN Habitat and WWF-Pakistan.

A low energy, completely natural water treatment plant, which is in wide use in Australia and Europe, has finally been introduced in Pakistan.

Although, hoping to do good with this treatment plant, Ameen Keryo, the CEO of Sindhica Reforms Society, and his teams still face the ire of villagers.

In the meantime, Keryo and his team, continue to treat as much waste water as they can from the village into clean water enough to water two acres of farming fields. They have also set the groundwork for 14 more biological treatment plants across Pakistan and hope to have them competed by 2013.

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