Dr. Naila Yaqoob discover the New technique of Paper Making Process

New method invented to generate PAPER by a student of Lahore College for Women University

Achievement of Lahore College University

Dr, Naila Yaqoob has completed her P.H.D, Environment friendly invention is accepted by the American patent office and Higher Education Commission has sponsored this project.

Lahore (Jazib Siddiqui) Dr.naila Yaqoob student of Lahore college for women University has recently invented a new method of making Papers.

This is her patent invention. It is accepted by the American Panted office and this achievement is also considering an environment friendly invention. Dr. Naila has completed her P.H.D under the supervision of Mrs. Bushra Mateen (x-vice chancellor), and Dean of supervisory faculty of natural Science Dr. Kosar Chema. This patent invention co-created by Mr. Ishtiaq-ul-Rehman executive chemist of package Ltd and S.R Hameed.

By this patent invention the process of making paper is become environment friendly so that there will be no hazard for near residential areas. This is patent invention is sponsored by Higher Education Commission.

Read news in Urdu. http://paksc.org/pk/urdu-news-a-article/item/727-pakistani-student-naila-invents-new-paper-making-process.html

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