Pakistan needs to join luring internet business arena


MONITORING REPORT IBD: The chances for Pakistan vigorously entering the world internet business have brightened as the +Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has initiated a process that could trigger a dramatic expansion of the Internet. Most recently the ICANN has starting accepting applications for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). The cozy world of .com’s, .gov’s, .org’s and about 19 other generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) will soon be expanded to include all types of words in many different languages. For the first time generic TLDs can include words in non-Latin languages, such as Cyrillic, Chinese or Arabic.

According to internet business experts, if organizations and brands in Pakistan do not jump into this relevant field, there is a strong possibility of getting behind in this sector thus allowing the world firms to secure a comfortable niche in the internet market.

The term ‘Top Level Domain’ known by the acronym TLD is the part of any website address that comes after the dot in the domain name, for instance, in the website address, the TLD is “org” after the dot, the same as .com and .net and so forth. Until now, the Internet community and World Wide Web users know about two specific types of TLDs called Generic TLD or gTLDs and Country TLDs or ccTLDs.

While some believe this will enable a new era of innovation, there are also some who believe this will only serve a few like the big trademark owners and corporations or domains.

There is no doubt that ICANN’s mandate is to promote the opportunities for innovation and competition within the Internet Name and Addressing Space.

These 21 gTLDs are facing limited scope moving towards scarcity, getting expensive, therefore, there was an evident need for expanding opportunities. ICANN, with the support of the like-minded internet community finally has come to terms with the possibility of launching the new gTLDs programme.

This has both implications and opportunities and sponsoring organizations will be able to evolve and distribute fully functional internet domain names under top level domains such as ‘.sport’, ‘.social’, ‘.cio’, ‘.car’ ‘.news’, ‘.shop’, ‘.pakistan’, ‘.mango’,’.song’, ‘.music’ and literally anything you can come up with.

For Pakistan, gTLDs means a whole new opportunity to build or simply be washed away. The new gTLDs offer specific uses for example, all music will be available at dot music ‘.music’ websites, similarly, all software companies in the world might be listed on a search engine specific to the dot software domain at ‘’.”

The world can apply for new gTLDs in any UN-recognized script such as Arabic, Chinese. As ICANN’s President Rod Beckstrom puts it, ‘this is the first time in history that it is possible to apply for new generic top-level domains in internationalized domain scripts.’ You could apply for terms in Urdu, not only a company name or brand or a city name, but any other word or generic term.

The ICANN is making an effort to include everyone in the new gTLD programbe. ICANN has already extended awareness-raising events in many countries. Besides, it has started using the Google ad network to display information on its new gTLD program for Internet users in specific countries.

The new study shows that the new gTLD programme provides the opportunity to navigate the Internet and World Wide Web in a brand new way, use it in more exciting ways and opportunities for launching new marketing and services offerings.

Presently, Pakistani businessmen and Internet entrepreneurs already online may want to build or enhance their brands by securing brand specific gTLDs to increase customer and partner trust and quality information. They will have new marketing opportunities especially for small businesses and organizations through gTLD or domain names that specifically serve their brand purpose.

Remember with the new gTLDs, Internationalized Domain Names in localized languages such as Urdu, Punjabi, Pashtu and Sindhi are also poised to be launched soon. According to internet business experts, there is a great deal of innovation that is going to drive the expansion online; impact the future of the Web as we know it. And yes, Pakistan does have a role to play, sooner rather than later.STAFF REPORT IBD:

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171 Replies to “Pakistan needs to join luring internet business arena”

  1. i`m sorry men, i forgot…. what does “copper wire 26 to 30 guag” mean??? it`s the gauge of the wire? how long is the tube or how many spins are in the coil?? i don`t speak english, jejejeje….. THANK’S

      1. dear there is been done a mistake by you habab the negative of the led is connected to emmiter but you say the positive is connected to emmiter revise the video and see, thanx

      1. dear there is done a mistake by you habab the negative of the led is connected to emmiter but you say the positive is connected to emmiter revise the video and see, thanx

  2. please can u tell me which type of bulb u used in the video to test the tesla coil (designed like CFL) ???
    How much watt or volt it requires????

          1. thanks abdul bhai if it not works i will ask the solution if u don’t have any problem….

  3. Hey bro. Which bulb have u used in this project bcoz I m using CFL of 5 watt then it is not working and also the LED is blinking in inverted coil so pls suggest me
    My email- yogendraslnk786@gmail. Com

  4. Sir, I have also made a tesla coil but it is not working, could you have a look and check what’s wrong in it please please please ? led is glowing but bulb is not lightning ?? I have attached pictures so that you could have a look

  5. Sir, I have also made a tesla coil but it is not working, could you have a look and check what’s wrong in it please please please ? led is glowing but bulb is not lightning ?? I have attached pictures so that you could have a look

          1. Sir may Chahta ho kay 12W ka Saver Full on hona Chaiay To us kay liay mujay Kuch Cheizo ka izafa karna para ga ya ni Q kay is say to saver Dim Jal raha hy

      1. Sir,
        Thanks for your valuable reply, I will definitely try out the simple version of that project. And sir did you saw the attached pictures of the project I made cause I wanted to know there I went wrong. Just a humble request to you that please check my model and tell any suitable solution to the problem.


      2. Hi one question, instead of magnet wire for the primary coil can it just be 22AWG hook up wire? I have magnet wire but other videos are saying to use hook up as the primary and magnet as the secondary.

  6. what kind of wire can i use on primary & secendry ……
    how many turn on primary & secendry ?
    can i use 9 volts battery (not full charge )

  7. Salam. I have made this circuit. But it doesn’t work. I have tried both methods(with and without breadboard). The transistor gets very hot. But the led won’t light up neither will the coil work. Please help me sir. It’s urgent.

      1. Salam. Update: I can get the led to light up but the bulb doesn’t light up when I take it near the coil. I have almost 300 turns on the larger coil and 3 turns on the smaller one.

          1. Thanks for replying :).
            I’ve done that still doesnt work. I used a 26 guage copper wire for both coils. The larger coil has atleast 300 turns(maybe a little more). For the smaller coil I’ve tried with 2 or 3 turns one at a time. The pipe I used is of half inch diameter. Looks thinner than the one you used though. I ‘ll be waiting for your kind and helpful reply sir.

  8. Dear Sir,
    I have build this circuit, and it doesn’t work. In the photo you can see the general setup and the connection scheme. The secondary coil is 0.3mm (about 28 AWG) with about 280 turns. I tried with 2, 3, 5 and 6 turns for the primary coil, also reversing the connection in each case. Non of it worked. What could possibly be going wrong?

      1. Thank you for your reply! The diode is actually a “normal” diode (1N4148) which I used instead of the LED. I replaced the diode by a LED. I also replaced the coil because the original one was on a massive wood cylinder, and I thought that maybe it should be a tube. The new one is a bit larger in diameter, on a plastic tube, with about 285 turns. The primary coil has now 4 turns. I shortened the 2nd terminal of the large coil. The primary coil is now clockwise, with the lower (the 1st) terminal
        connected to the collector of the transistor. The secondary coil is
        counterclockwise, with the 1st terminal connected to the base of the
        It works now, but only for a short time (a few seconds to half a minute), than the transistor burns. I do not know if its because of excessive voltage, excessive current, or whatsoever.
        What could I do to keep the transistor from dying (apart from using one with higher voltage/current/power ratings)? Is it possible to use a darlington transistor?

          1. Hello,
            I did both, increment the resistor value to 160k, and put a second transistor in parallel. The transistors still get very hot, but for now it is working all right. Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help! It is a great project! I was actually surprised how bright the lamp is glowing.

  9. Plz make a video telling what to do or what not to do in making tesla coil as all are getting troubled this request is from all the frnz waching your you tube channel plz
    Do it definately
    Plzplz plz plzplzplz plz plz plz plzplzplzplz plz plz

  10. Dear Sir,
    I have build a Tesla coil with 26 gauge copper wire,but when I connected to 9v battery the transistor become very hot and tesla coil is not working.I tried this project 7 times but it didn’t work and transistor become hot what was the mistake done by me please help me sir

  11. Used 30 gz with 300 turns, dia-0.50 inch, resistance 22k and transistor its not working only the circuit led blinks when I touch the coil..i inverted the coil,battery bt no use…need help…

      1. used 30 gauz wire 350 turns for the primary coil and 3 turns for the secondary .
        it works but the brightness of the cfl bulbs and rods is not bright enough as showed on the video i used 8 watt also the transistor is getting extremely hot. also cant take the cfl bulbs even 1 inch away from the coil also used a top load but nothing happened. Sir please give a solution

  12. Assalamualaikum sir. i have build a tesla coil with 24 gauge copper wire and my transistor become hot and not working. for 1st coil, i make less than 200 turn and 2nd coil is 3 turn. can u help me my brother? sorry about my english. i need to submit this project on thursday :'(

  13. Aoa, Hi sir I made this project all properly used 2N2222A transistor, 29 k resistor, 27 gauge copper wire and pvc pipe and also insulated wire also but it’s not making any out put. For power I used 9v battery and connector and 11w energy saver. Please help me as I need it as my science fair projects till 22 November 2016. Kindly help..

          1. Maximum which type of bulb can it light up and can we paste above at top an aluminium ball inserting in it coil’s top end.

  14. Can anyone help me about this project as I messaged yesterday also but I didn’t got any reply that what gauge of copper wire I should use for secondary coil.


    Salam Aleykum, Could you explain me where I made a mistake. It does not work. I used transistor TIP41c , 22K resistor, on-off-switch, 26 awg(0.4mm) for secondary coil, 18 awg(1mm) for primary coil, approximately 200 turns for secondary coil and 2 turns for primary coil. Also I checked other transistors and resistors, they did not work either. What is wrong with this circuit? please help me. I think the problem is related to 18 awg (1mm) cable.

  16. Hey, i’ve made a same tesla coil with all the requirements you have talked about but the problem is, when the battery is connected the LED glows up and the salyer doesn’t works the transistor heats a bit of too. I tried inverting the primary coil but the LED glows continuously independent of everything. Please help me, as it is mine physics project i need to work it out asap….

  17. hey.I made a tesla coil that you have talked about.My Led is glowing and When i touch the coil it turns off.But when i took my energy light closer to Coil,it doesnt glowing.I inverted the primary coil,but led doesnt glowing means my past circuit is perfect.So what should i do know?I need to fixz it before 28th January.Pls Help.

  18. hi sir i have tried making this using a 2n2222A transistor, 22k resistor . my primary coil stands 24cm tall, and around it there are are 4 loops of the secondary coil. the problem is that my transister keeps getting hot and blows up . can you please help me as this is very confusing me and i am in a hurry to finish this for my project.

  19. pls help me. I tried doing the same thing the battery heats up and yet theres no flow of electricity within the board. Pls help me. Its for my science project

          1. Your battery is shorted out to itself. Put the black wire into the other track. That’s why it is getting hot. Here is an image showing how the tracks work on a breadboard. Keep in mind that some breadboards are different and will have a break in the center for the blue and red strips in the image. Another problem I have spotted is that your battery is not part of the circuit.

          2. I want to innovate my tesla coil. I want to enlarge my secondary coil about 560 turns. How many turns should be my primary coil. And will it be okay to use the same transistor and resistor? Will it not heat up? Pls reply immediately. Thank you

          3. And will my tesla improve if i put a top load, pingpong ball covered in aluminum foil ?

  20. My Tesla coil does not wont to turn on. But I am doing a different model of a Tesla coil it is for my science fair project please can you help me.

          1. the primary coil is 56 cm (red wire 300v – 20 ga) and have two loops around the cooper. the second coil is cooper 24 awg.

          2. we need change the first coil ?
            what about intersection of first coil to the transistor circuit?

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