Science Fair in Alma Mater School Peshawar

Students stand beside a model displayed at the Alma Mater School science fair organised at the Peshawar Archives Hall on Tuesday. PHOTO: PPI

PESHAWAR:Wearing cardboard replicas of the planet earth and brick kilns to portray the effects of pollution and showcasing papier-mâché models of the electricity distribution system, students of the Alma Mater School brought science books to life on Tuesday.

Students displayed models representing various ways of producing electricity, including wind, coal and solar energy and the effects of pollution on the environment in the fair held at the Peshawar Archives.

Talking to The Express Tribune, Shazia, the school principal, said the event was organised to highlight the importance of science and give an opportunity to students to see models of the topics they study in science books. She said that coal, solar energy and other natural resources exist in abundance in our country but are not being utilised.

A student, Emaan Naeem, said that her group prepared a model showing how electricity could be produced by using coal. The articulate young student said that there are enough natural resources in the country that only need to be utilised effectively to resolve the electricity shortage.

Another student, Salaar, wearing a cardboard cut-out of the earth said, “People throw rubbish and pollute me. Please don’t pollute me,” he requested earnestly.

A large number of students and their parents attended the fair and appreciated the students for their efforts. A student’s mother, Ayesha Khattak, said such events help students learn new topics with ease and make them more aware abut their environment.

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