National Textile University team won the Textile competition in LUMS PsiFi 2012


All Pakistan Engineering Competition

NTU team from 5th semester comprising of team members Muneeb Tahir, Malik Mohammad Abbas, Syed Zaubar Hassan Rizvi, Ali Raza Shafqat and Raza Abbas Gillani won the Textile competition  All Pakistan Engineering Competition in LUMS PsiFi.
16 teams took part in the Textile event of the biggest science Olympiad in the country, of which three were from NTU. Other two teams from NTU were from 8th and 6th semesters respectively.
This is a matter of great pride for the NTU community that for the first time in its history the university has won an all Pakistan engineering competition.
It is yet another feat enjoyed by the winning team that it synthesized an entire jacket in only one day! The theme of the competition was based on a fictitious idea. According to the theme an alien race has established headquarter in the Bermuda triangle and unleashed a deadly ambience in an area of 5km dia. Any human body entering this area experiences drop in heart beat rate/pulse rate.
UNO has called upon its member countries to neutralize this alien threat to planet Earth. An international task force been assigned to fight off the alien aggressors. The task of the participating teams in the event was to design a smart combat jacket for the international assault force.
The features of the jacket were that it should be water repellant, marine camouflage and have either censors or digital cuffs showing the Pulse rate, so that any fall in pulse rate could be accounted for and medications could be taken promptly, in order to counter any fatal impacts on the health of the members of assault force.
The event was organized in close collaboration between NTU and LUMS. It was headed by the President of Garments society Shahid Hassan Bajwa and co headed by Hammad Sherazi from NTU.

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