Interview with Biomedical Engineer Muhammad Zohaib Khan

Interview with "BIOMEDICAL ENGINEER" Muhammad Zohaib Khan

Muhammad Zohaib Khan is BIOMEDICAL ENGINEER, 23 years old, live in behar colony jamshed road Karachi,He done metric from NASRA SEC & PRI SCHOOL KARACHI, Inter from NATIONAL GOV. COLLEGE, Karachi, and BS from Sir Syed University of Eng & Technology Karachi, His innovation was Ultrasonic Navigation system for blind peoples

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How were you first interested in this field of science?

Well I am Interested in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, But at the time of admission I have found that there is huge amount of Electronic Engineers passed out from all over the Karachi, therefore it will be very great competition in Job, So I move to Biomedical Engineering, Which is a merge form of Medical, Anatomy, Biology & Electronic Engineering. In this field we learn 80 % Electronic Engineering Subjects, and I am fond of Electronics

There are a lot of scientific fields out there but what interests you in this particular field?

I have answered that question in above question, also my neighbor was in this field, and he told me the benefits of this field.

How did you get the idea to make this project?

From the beginning of my Engineering, you can say in first semester. I want to make the Final year project which should be Unique, Which attracts a viewer a teacher or anyone who watch my project, So I start thinking for a remarkable project, at the beginning I decided to make different projects, but that needs more Investment and very huge amount of knowledge in the field of Mechanical, electronic and biomechanics micro controlling. So day by day I eliminate these type of projects, one day I found a project in my university lab, which is called blind’s stick , in which ultrasonic sensor is placed and, in which same working happen like in my project, but it has no. of mistakes , it has very short range of detection, its circuit is about 6*6 inch, also it is not rechargeable, when obstacle come in the detection range of sensor then vibrator starts vibrating and does not stop vibrating even the obstacle goes out from the detection range we need to reset the circuit by pressing a rest button, so I upgrade that project from many aspects with a very astonishing way and that you already know the features of my project.

Who was your inspiration and what inspires you to presume this field?

When I was in school my cousin was very much crazy in making electronic circuits, repairing different electronic home appliance , like washing machines, emergency lights, etc, so he took me with him everywhere and when he was working on anything he asked me to sit with him and watch all the repairing he was doing, I was very small at that time for all of this type of work, he died when I was in 8th Class, due to my cousin I start liking electronic , technology, innovations, Even I have used his tools since all over my Engineering,

What is your ultimate goal?

To go beyond the level of innovations and Technology like In other countries people are discovering and making many different projects.

Where do you like Pakistan to stand? What plans do you have for Pakistan, if any?

Well I want Pakistan to look forward for everything like Japan , China, America are going very fast in reaching the Ultimate technology, if I have power and money I will help Pakistan’s different Universities to teach Students In a way that every Students Becomes a brilliant Student.

What troubles did you have while making the project?

Sensors are not available in Pakistan; I ordered them from a website ROBOTSHOP. Nobody have ever seen sensors which I have used in my project so nobody can help me I learn about this sensor from Internet, And in the beginning of my project’s proposal my friends were not agree they were afraid to make this they want to make a CENTRIFUGE MACHINE as a final year project, So I decided to make this project alone, Only and Only ALLAH help me in making of this project, and only 1 teacher little bit help me. I accidently damage my 2 sensors that’s why I have used only 3. Many times my circuit stops working due to lose connections and broken connections, the charging circuit is the last task of my project that makes a long time to come in its working condition,

Who was your guide?

No one, I work alone, no body has given me a single advice for that project, and it was my idea and effort and Only ALLAH’s help.

Was it easy gathering the material and resources for you project?

Yes I found no. of projects and information related to my project, but All over the world this type of projects are made by using marvelous CONTROLLERS like ARDUINO, PIC, BASIC STAMP Microcontroller, etc. but I don’t know anything about these controller’s programming, My university only taught us about ATMEL 8951 controllers, so I make this project by using 8951 controllers which is also cheaper than these microcontrollers

How do you think that the government and schools should help people like you?

It’s a simple Question, if government will not help and promote people who are interested in any field and also talented then how will people know there talent, our Media only arrange and supports singing dancing competitions, which is a waste of time, no one make any program in which a science projects and innovations are displayed, I think only Express News have done this,

Where were your projects performed at home, school, and collage laboratory?

First time At home for checking, then in the project submission day in university and recently I have shown and give a speech in a seminar which is held in my university.

How did you build your technical skills?

I don’t know exactly about this, maybe it is GOD gifted, or by repairing home appliances.

Did you follow the scientific method or just built it naturally?

Of course Scientific way, I keep in mind no. Of aspects related to this project.

Were you creative when doing your projects? If yes, what drives your creativity?

I like to make project’s circuit small as much as possible, that thing have create my working image very attractive in front of many people, I troubleshoot any problem in circuit quickly, whenever I want to make any thing I preferred there should be many features in it, I like to make a beauty in any circuits/projects, I like to make a project which can be used commercially and by everyone, should be user friendly.

Did your family, friends or teachers helped in your projects?

You can say family, and only 1 teacher help me but in programming, he told me a single Code and told me a thing which reduce my programming length very much. After that I just read MAZIDI 8951 microcontroller book which is the best book for understanding 8951. Due to this book I have save 3500 Rs of microcontroller programming course which I was going to take admission. This books is easily available in URDU bazaar may be of 100 Rs.

Do you like to give any message to fellow students, the public and the government from the platform of Pakistan Science Club?

You will not progress if you don’t have any craze in your interest,Country will progress due to you, and you are the pioneers to move the country at utmost zenith.

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