Kino factories turning on biogas plants

A local factory owner running his plant of bio gas
 Kot Momin—There exists huge potential of Biogas production in the country, especially in rural areas, where the energy needs of domestic and industrial users can be met through this easily available and inexpensive source. this would also help reduce the energy shortages in the country. This was stated by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), Mr. Arif Alauddin while briefing a team of  journalists accompanying him on a visit to local Kino Factories.

Mr. Alauddin reiterated that the existing energy crisis in the country was more serious than anticipated; in fact, that was only one dimension of the picture, considering 40% people in Pakistan are without electricity and 60% without natural gas, and yet they pay five times more than the people in urban centres to meet their energy needs.

He said that the country during the last three years made significant progress in power generation through alternative / renewable energy (ARE) resources including waste to energy / biomass. He said that private sector, local and foreign both were being facilitated for investment worth billions of dollars in ARE sectors annually, as Pakistan offered lucrative fiscal and financial incentives to investors in this sector.

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