Magnetic Levitation Science Project


Here is a very cheap and high stable levitation schematic for beginners it uses only to transistors and few other parts they are all easily available in hole world instead of those pricey and complicated integrated IC schematics take hole day to built but this project is not only cheap but easy to built in minutes coil is made in this project from scrap I took primary winding wire from an old wall mount 12v power supply and Use sewing machine bobbin for coil winding there is no counting for turns just make sure wind bobbin full until it reaches its outer radius secure it with electrical tape make sure both ends of winding are enough length to solder it to project board use bolt as core which fits in bobbin hole make sure bolt must be twice in length than bobbin so that you can nicely tighten your coil to frame for further info see fig2. Read More Magnetic Levitation Science Project

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