SSUET wins GIKI 13th All Pakistan Science Fair

13th giki science fair

Students of Sir Syed university of Engineering & Technology (SSUET) won the 1st prize at the 13th All Pakistan Science Fair, organised by Ghulam Ishak Khan Institute from the 17th till the 19th February 2012 for their unique, economically viable and innovative projects “Power Generation Using Magnetic Field” and “Fuzzy–PID Control for Industrial flow control system”.

The Sir Syed University took part in the competition with two projects – Power Generation Using Magnetic Field and Fuzzy – PID Control for Industrial flow control system.

Students of the Electronic Engineering Department who designed and produced “Power Generation Using Magnetic Field” included Muhammad Yasir Zaheen, Muhammad Safwan, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Shujaat Kamal, Muhammad Asher Yaseen, Muhammad Abul’Ala Khalid and Shahnawaz Ahmed. This unique model has been prepared to attain the fuel free generation. A new path is made in the design of generator to produce electricity from the rotator disc with permanent neodymium magnets. A large amount of voltage can be generated at a very low R.P.M and it also doesn’t require the huge amount of torque. The project can be an effective revolution with a new perception in power generation.

The industry has three parameters – level, flow and temperature. For effective controlling of these parameters, new control algorithm “Fuzzy – PID Control for Industrial flow control system” has been developed by the students of Sir Syed University to achieve the desired set points. This project was affiliated with Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP).

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