How about Solarisation?

How about Solar-isation?

By Anusha Sherazi

SOLAR POWER! When we think about it, the first impression is, is this a miracle? Is this something super natural? How could the sunlight run homes, cars, businesses? Something, which give us energy without pollution? Something which produces electricity but needs no fossil fuels? Energy that runs appliances, vehicles, factories, buildings, but no Green House Gasses?
This all is not a miracle, this is a reality. And we are actually experiencing the reality. We are living in the age of Science and Technology. Every new day brings with it new ideas, new inventions and new discoveries. And solar power is one of the most remarkable discoveries. Solar power is not only a solution to our never ending demands of fossil fuels to produces electricity, Besides this one such environment friendly, clean and green source of energy which absolutely does not use or emit any Green House Gas.
The question is how feasible is to have solar power to run our homes and businesses. The answer is the sun generates more than 10,000 times the amount of energy the entire world consumes annually. So, this alternate source of energy is available to us at zero cost. It is only the initial coast that a consumer pays for the installation of the system. Later on, the expenditure on the maintenance is almost zero. The technology comes with fixed silicon solar panels and photo voltaic cells. The solar cell promises a life time guarantee (about 20 years). There is absolutely no complex infrastructure, no high-voltage wires and no junk of cords. These qualities make the solar panels to be unobtrusive.
The basic benefits that solar thermal and photovoltaic system may offer include heating water, drying clothes, heating swimming pools, power attic fans, power small appliances, producing light for both indoors and outdoors, and even to power cars, among other things. Because the equipment does not have any moving parts, it does not produce any sort of noise. Sunlight being the ready source of energy which is directly converted in to electricity, there is absolutely no emissions. There is no need of connections to the foreign sources of energy or external grid lines, the system is self-sufficient. Besides the basic benefits the solar power offers, it is also an environment friendly technology and one of the best ways to combat Climate Change.
Now, need of the hour is not only to adopt the change but to promote the change. Not only the individual efforts, but the efforts at the regional, national and global levels are recommended. The point being, the more people push for solar power and alternative energy sources, the more money governments and businesses will invest in the technology.
According to the International Energy Agency, 2011, “the development of affordable, inexhaustible and clean solar energy technologies will have huge long-term benefits”. The benefits that solar power could offer at the global level include sustainability, reduce pollution, lower costs of mitigating climate change, and keeping fossil fuel prices lower than otherwise. Moreover the commendable advantage of promoting this technology would be the generation of livelihoods. This makes Solar power even more preferable in diverse geographic locations especially the under developed countries.

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