Venus Transit 6 June 2012

Venus Transit 2012

Venus Transit 6 June 2012

Plane of Venusian orbit is 3.4 degrees tilted to Earth’s orbit plane that’s why it does not always pass in front of the Sun. This is a rare astronomical event when Venus crosses the plane of Earth’s orbit and at the same time Earth is behind it. Venus then appears to cross the face of the Sun.

One of this kind of event occurred in 2004 and now after 8 years it happened again! Next will occur in 2117 so it was last in our life times. I saw it using two telescopes and two cameras. One pair was 10×50 binoculars with finepix camera and other pair was 76mm Newtonian scope with Casio camera. Later pair showed event at high magnification and previous pair showed whole sun at a time.

I was with my equipment on my stairs (which lead to roof) from sunrise till the end of the event at 9:53am. It was one of the greatest astronomical events I witnessed that day. Amazingly Venus passed between Sun and Earth and it provided us opportunity to see this beautiful sight and to calculate different astronomical parameters. Calculations are yet to be made but images are processed and are ready to be pasted here on site.

Enjoy the images.

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