Agha Waqar accepts challenge to physics’ teacher Ranomal Malani

Agha Waqar accepts challenge to physics’ teacher Ranomal Malani.

KARACHI: Professor Ranomal Malani, brother of PPP MNA Dr Mahesh Malani, challenged Engineer Agha Waqar on Monday to run his car on water and get Rs 5 million in return. Waqar, accepting the challenge, promised to run all his cars solely on water.

Holding a press conference at the Media Centre in Mathi, Malani handed a cheque worth Rs5 million to the press club administration and said that the cheque will remain with them for 15 more days.

Calling the ‘water car’ a fraud, Malani claimed that Waqar had fooled Federal Minister Khursheed Shah and the media representatives. He added that he was holding the press conference to save the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) from falling victim to a fraud.

Waqar, talking to media, asked Malani to tell him his car model and the number of cars, adding that he will prepare the car kits accordingly. “You will permanently run your car on it. It won’t be a test demonstration.”

Waqar added that he does not want to be “bribed” with the prize money and said that Malani should distribute that money among the poor.

Malani, in reply, gave Waqar 10 days to prepare the kits and run his car on water. He also expressed delight over not having to hand the prize money.

“He had hidden a Hydrogen cylinder in his demonstration on TV. He fooled everyone. I know it because I teach Physics. This is impossible,” alleged Malani. But Waqar claimed that he will run the car solely on distilled water and will not add fuel or anything else to it.

Waqar had earlier claimed that he can run a 1,000CC vehicle till 40 kilometres with one litre of water by attaching a small water kit in the car that separates hydrogen from water and supplies it to the engine.

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  1. OMG! This is the real news about what he actually did. I always wants to get the real world example of physics and I just want to let you know how much it gets interesting to see this achievement here. Thanks for sharing this amazing news here.

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