Science Project: Simple Water Rocket for School students

Simple Water Rocket for School students

Water Rocket

Water rockets are easy to make and use materials found in daily life. Children will be thrilled, and their creativity stimulated, watching their hand-made rockets soar skyward to unexpected heights. Water rockets that perform well have good science behind them. Similarly, behind every failure is a scientific concept that has been violated.So it is essential that children understand the fundamentals of water rockets. Water rockets have much in common with real rockets, allowing children to experience the same excitement that rocket engineers do. Several key points must be remembered if your students are to succeed in making water rockets that fly high, straight and safely – and enjoy themselves in the process. Targeting teachers and instructors, this project is designed to explain not only how to make water rockets, but also provide them with all the essentials required to make technically sound craft. In other words, this project offers teachers and instructors the means with which to instruct children as to the key points to bear in mind when making safe, high-performance water rockets. This project also contains tips regarding the motivations and aspirations children should be encouraged to entertain, and abilities within each child that can be developed. We sincerely hope this project and the accompanying Video will help you to develop educational programs that allow your children to learn the basics of water rockets and develop their activities as mini rocket engineers buoyed by dreams of flight yet dedicated to safety.

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Making of Water Rocket

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