14th GIKI All Pakistan Science Fair 2013


14th GIKI All Pakistan Science Fair 2013

The All Pakistan Science Fair is by far the largest organized external event of the Science Society. Teams from many prestigious institutes compete for the coveted running trophy. The 14th All Pakistan Science Fair will be held from 15th Feb to 17th Feb, 2013.

GIKI Science Society brings to you it’s widely acknowledged event with many new modules, aimed at bringing out the scientist in you. This time, there is more to learn, enjoy and experience.

 GIKI Science Society is now NEW Official Partner/Collaborator of  Pakistan Science Club

 14th GIKI All Pakistan Science Fair 2013

14th GIKI All Pakistan Science Fair 2013

This event is divided into two main categories
Science Contest
Science Exhibition


Science contest

Science Kasoty (compulsory for every participant of Science Contest)

Ever feel like testing your scientific knowledge? Science Kasoty is designed to assess your scientific knowledge. It will require you to go through two rounds.

Kasoty I: Teams are required to guess the personality and invention while being provided the hints needed. Three obvious and 3 non-obvious hints are given. The more hints a team demand, the less marks it gets for a successful guess. Moreover, it also incorporates Dumb Charades, in which a member is required to communicate to other team members the name of an invention or scientific phenomenon without using the vocal ability.

Kasoty II: Based on the aggregate scores of the Kasoty I teams will qualify for Kasoty II, which is further subdivided into the following rounds:

a) Category Round: Participants will be presented with different categories, which span most elementary sciences, to choose from. Possible categories are chemistry, electricity and magnetism, mechanics, modern physics, optics, waves, computer science and multimedia. The questions will test the abilities of the team to use scientific logic/concepts quickly and efficiently. Participants will be required to choose any five of the afore-mentioned categories.

b) Speed Round: Each team will have to answer as many questions as possible within the stipulated time of one minute after the category round.

Note: Some sample problems have been included in the invitation package.

Eureka (compulsory for every participant of Science Contest)

Undoubtedly, all the great minds in science loved experiments. The module is aimed at challenging your innovative skills. Participants are expected to perform an experiment using given apparatus. Minimum equipment used in specified amount of time leads to victory. Innovative solutions to the experimental problems, which involve simple physics and mathematics, result in high scores.

We advise you to study the fundamental theory behind your course projects.

Pop It (NEW)

Did you ever design a Rube Goldberg Machine? You finally get the chance to make one. Design a machine which bursts a balloon placed on a specific height (Range 1 to 3 feet). Height will be altered in Level II. Therefore, machine should be adaptable to strike the balloon at the new height.

Participants are required to design the machine before the arrival at event, but it will be brought in complete disassembled form. Machine will have to be assembled on event. Moreover, machine should perform the task in ten distinct steps. Cost must not exceed rupees 500.

Span the bridge (NEW)

Bridges incorporate complex engineering which never fails to inspire the observer. Objective is to construct a bridge, with materials provided, between two supports. In level II, the bridge will have to be extended to a third support. The structures must be able to support certain loads. Participants will be given two hours for the completion of bridge as well as the report.

Flight of Fantasy (NEW)

It is all due to the science that birds are not the only living things to fly in skies. This module will assess the knowledge and design skills related to aerodynamics. Participants will be required to design and build model an airplane powered by a rubber band. Balsa wood will be used for design. The activity will make participants witness the beauty of aerodynamics.

Champions Round (NEW)

Teams selected on the basis of aggregate scores of afore-cited modules will compete for victory in Science Contest, which will require the team members to answer advance questions related to science.


Go beyond your science books to indulge in the practicality of scientific theories. Science Exhibition provides you the opportunity to exhibit your innovative projects and challenge other competitors. It has been divided into two categories:

1. College Level
2. University Level

Each category will have its own winner.


Entertainment Night

The E-night will provide you the much needed respite from the otherwise hectic schedule of the competition. With musical performances at the gig night, live plays and an astronomy night the E-night will be the perfect opportunity to take a break and let loose.

Science Marathon

The revamped Science Marathon strikes with a story line, which may be based on historical facts and figures. Alternatively, it may leap into the mysterious world of future. Each clue will guide you to the next destination and unlock the riddle to demystify the final puzzle. While exploring the scenic views of GIKI, you will end up having experience you won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Theme Dinner

In order to add flavor to your evening, our messing team will make sure that you enjoy the best cuisines of the place. Surprise theme will be announced on the event.

Looking forward to meet you here at GIKI.
GIKI Science Society

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology , Topi-23460, District Swabi, KPK, Pakistan.

President: 03244570758

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