Pakistani Scientist Invent Solar Powered domestic products

Karachi: A talented young scientist of Pakistan has now constructed solar cooker, solar drier to preserve food for a long time, solar water purifier that purify water up to 100% and a solar refrigerator.
It has been working on the Pakistan’s first thermal power plant which will be completed in next 6 months. The usage of solar home appliances like refrigerator, cooker, drier, water purifier not only decreases the dependence on the costly resources of energy but also decrease the high inflation. The constructor of these solar appliances, talented young scientist of the country

Dr. Sohail Zaki has been working in Pakistan navy engineering college fo

Pakistani Scientist Invent Solar Powered water distiller
Pakistani Scientist Invent Solar Powered water distiller

r 12 years as faculty member and doing his remarkable research on wind on solar energy at low cost. He has completed many of the home appliances till now.
Dr. Sohail Zaki told that including solar refrigerator, cooker, drier and water purifier, wind turbine, generators and charge controllers, special fans for wind energy have successfully designed. These inventions are now making patent so that they can be use for the betterment of nation. He told that solar home appliances are not costly, solar cooker is just for Rs. 5,000-7,000 which can cook food without gas or electricity. Same as for water purifier, which cost only 7,000 rupees for its manufacture; it can purify 6 liter water per day from all kind of bacteria and germs.
Solar drier can preserve all seasonal fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken and fish for a long time. These inventions can be used for traditional purpose as well as domestic purpose. According to Dr. Sohail there is lot of opportunities in Pakistan to avail from solar and wind energy but due to high cost of technology, it is not in access of most of the people. To make it accessible for common people, research is continued.
To use wind energy for the generation of electricity, wind turbine ranging 500 watts to 2 kilowatts have prepared locally which cost 50% less than the export one. Different designs of wind turbine blade for wind energy along with generator at one-third price have been designed. Also the charge controllers have constructed locally which reduced the prices of wind turbine.

پاکستانی سائنسدانوں ڈاکٹر سہیل ذکی نے شمسی توانائی سے چلنے والی گھریلو اشیا تیار کرلیں

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