We are losing time By Prof M. Subhan Qureshi

timeBy Prof M. Subhan Qureshi
My ideas floated on the national press and the internet and the higher authorities were persuaded to constitute the Livestock Board and exchange delegations with Australia and New Zealand. Pakistan Dairy Company was established. The company was successful in introduction of new technologies to the farms. The Livestock Board tried to intervene in dairy and meat production and marketing, but with little success due to the bureaucratic approach.
To bring the issue into limelight the International Workshop on Diary Science Park (November 21-23, 2011) was conducted at the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Agricultural University Peshawar. At the workshop, experts from academia, research, extension and industry, policy makers and farmers community presented papers and exchanged ideas to work out a comprehensive plan for the development of dairy industry in the province.
The peri-urban dairy farms provide a good source for milk and surplus animals for the slaughter house. However, this is also posing a threat to the environment by producing pollutants to the air, water and soil. The workshop was a good attempt and attracted a good number of papers, exceeding 100, from various universities and research and development organizations, out of which about 60 were selected for oral presentation.
The recommendations of the workshop comprise the following segments.

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