Automatic Watering System

Automatic Watering System Project by Arsalan

Automatic Watering System (1)
Automatic Watering System

In this Automatic Watering System, precise analogue readings are taken from the soil of plants with the help of two metal probes that stay dipped into the soil. Then these readings are fed into the ADC (Analogue to Digital Converter) channels of microcontroller where these readings are processed and if necessary, it turns ON/OFF the water pump and that not only saves lot of water but also lives of some sensitive plants. As this project uses Microcontroller, analogue readings can easily be tweaked with respect to different kinds of plants (if necessary). This project is also equipped with an LCD module which gives a new way to humans for interacting with the plants more freely, all of the process can be seen on the LCD display, as:

1) Water Level: Excellent!
2) Water Level: Good!
3) Water Level: Normal!
4) Water Level: Water is Needed! (This message turns on the water pump and it stays on unless first level is reached)

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