GIKI Science Society is going to hold NSYS 2013

GIKI Science Society is going to hold “National Science and Youth Symposium’2013” from 13-15th September, 2013 at GIK Institute.


National Science and Youth Symposium, NSYS 2013 aim to provide a platform where you will be inspired by the greatest visionaries. Speaker line-up will consist of a group of renowned scientists, leaders, entrepreneurs, inspirational people and researchers. The conference aims to feature the latest developments in science with focus on its popularization in the country. Entrepreneurs and leaders will talk about organizing commercial ventures and developing leadership skills within our youth. There will be talks about how youth can bring change in our country and make it a better place for ourselves and our future generations. The diverse group of speakers, students, and faculty will be able to learn from one another, both as speakers and as attendees, and will leave the conference driven to creatively improve our collective future. Pakistan Science Club is media partner of  GIKI National Science and Youth Symposium’2013


Official sources said, We will have break sessions, during which the speakers will be able to interact with each other, faculty and the participants . The GIKI café is thirty seconds walk from the auditorium, where you may grab a cup of tea (or a bottle of juice) and ask our speakers as many questions as you like. This way, participants will be able to get comments on the sayings of the speakers, making the conference more productive.

Symposium will strive to create a space for leading experts and young people to identify and discuss goals, strategies and required paradigm shifts, in a collective, systematic and inclusive manner. The symposium will address participants’ engagement with youth and youth issues and focus on the following key strategic issues:

• What works and what doesn’t in different contexts, and why;
• How the different disciplines, sectors and themes intersect.

Areas of interest include: youth in conflict-affected areas, youth and rights, political participation of youth, youth and transitional justice, youth and public health, youth and gender, youth and civil society.
Shields will be awarded to speakers, judges and chief guest. Also certificates will be distributed among speakers, judges, chief guest, participants and organizers of the symposium.


NSYS Speakers

Prof. Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy (Leading scientist and Social Activist) Pervez Amirali Hoodbhoy is a Pakistan nuclear physicist, essayist and defense analyst.

Asad Umar (Politician, Businessman) Asad Umar is a Pakistani politician and former usiness administrator.

Sohail Asif Qureshi (Biologist, Educationist) Sohail Asif Qureshi is a Pakistani molecular biologist, who is the second dean of School of Science and Engineering at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

Prof. Dr. Rizwan Khalid (Physicist) Dr. Rizwan Khalid, assistant professor department of physics, CAMP, National University of sciences and technology (NUST)

Ahsan Hamid Durrani (Youth Governor, KPK, Education Activist)

By profession he is an engineering student and is studying and working for the advancement of technology but deep inside the current state of affairs in Pakistan and especially the challenges faced by the youth of Pakistan

Ahmad Umair (Entrepreneur, CEO of R.L Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd and Vital Agri Nutrients (Pvt.) Ltd)


Social Events Entertainment Night The E-night will provide you the much needed respite from the otherwise hectic schedule of the competition. With musical performances at the gig night, live plays and an astronomy night the E-night will be the perfect opportunity to take a break and let loose. Science Marathon The revamped
Science Marathon Strikes with a story line, which may be based on historical facts and figures. Alternatively, it may leap into the mysterious world of future. Each clue will guide you to the next destination and unlock the riddle to demystify the final puzzle. While exploring the scenic views of GIKI, you will end up having experience you won’t be forgetting any time soon.
Lab Visits You will get a chance to visit the labs of GIK Institute and to experience what is it like to work in these high tech places!

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