A Student from Vehari’s Mailsi Village’s represent Pakistan Intel Arizona.

Ahsan Nawaz
Ahsan Nawaz
Ahsan Nawaz

Ahsan Nawaz studying in Vehari’s Mailsi Village’s government high school, Ahsan’s project titled ‘Mobile Security Device System’ was selected from the whole county for the science and technology fair organized by Intel in Arizona.
Ahsan Nawaz said “I have great interest in electronics as a child and I set up a small lab in my house. I would always wonder how TV was controlled by a remote control and thought of how other devices could be used through remotes. This thought inspired me to start working on my project
We live in a rented house and have been living all on our own as our father left us four years ago for another woman. He (father) has a UPS repair shop but does not support us, Ahsan revealed.
Amidst the tough conditions, Ahsan managed to carry on with his idea and work on his project. “I hit upon the idea of using a mobile phone for sending remote signals and hence using a SIM device which can be used for the security of cars, houses and even power houses. If installed for home security, Ahsan’s device possesses the ability to detect any trespasser and to automatically call up on the owner’s cell phone number anywhere in the world where the owner can listen to the trespasser’s voices. The same device can be used for cars and can be used to start and to turn off the vehicle through a cell phone. Although he received a lot of appreciation in the country and abroad, Ahsan, now a first-year student still complains of “no support” from the government. “What should I do with these medals and certificates when we have to pay our two-month house rent. No one from the government actually took monetary care of me to improve my condition,” he added


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