Look for spectacular comet ISON in coming days


Comets are beautiful objects of solar system. They reside far away from the Sun beyond the orbit of Neptune (the last planet). Some times net gravitational effect bring them towards sun in highly elliptical (oval) orbit. Solar radiation make their material melt and make a cloud around it called head or coma. Then solar wind (particles from sun) blow this material and makes its beautiful tail.

Comet ISON is one of them which will be visible with unaided eye in coming days. Currently comet is visible in binoculars. Look for it towards east 1 hour before sunrise after 20th November 2013. It will pass near sun on 28th November 2013 and then on its way back it will remain visible (in moving sky before sunrise) for few more days.

We are all waiting for this spectacular comet. Keep waiting and do observe it.

For images of comet visit www.astrobaqir.webs.com


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