IBA PROBATTLE 14 is Coming

iba probattle’14

2nd ALL Pakistan Computer Science, Engineering, Gaming and Business Competition; IBA-PROBATTLE’14 will be held at IBA MAIN CAMPUS KARACHI 20,21,22 March 2014

With a success of Probattle-’13 the pride of Computer Science Society is back again with a new version, new dimension and a mammoth full of surprises. Probattle-an emerging success story,only a year old brought new streams of waves for IBA-FCS and uplifted it’s credibility to a higher slope. IBA-PROBATTLE, lying in the midst of IBA eventful life is a perfect blend of Computer Science, Engineering, Arts and Business amalgamated at one point at a time as desired by today’s industry. Preparing you for the industry where skill, speed and efficiency of an engineer cannot stand firmly without the sound knowledge of ideas, innovation and revolutionary products.

This time we have approached 89 HEC recognized institutions offering Computer Science education and we’ll be catering to 500 total participants all running for the title of “UNIVERSITY NAME’” + CONQUERED IBA-PROBATTLE’14.

IBA-PROBATTLE is striving with the aim of enhancing, incorporating and committing to the development of IT education at IBA and overall Pakistan. It’s a platform to test the vocational capabilities of students and nurture them.So now be a soldier, wear your pride, swag into action and leave the battleground with a shivering blisters of conguered teritory, because yes, you made it.

Moving ahead with the pace of time and the dynamic atmosphere of IT world, this year we’ll be improving the structure of the event and including the following competitions:

Computer Science/IT Competitions:

1. Speed Programming Competition
2. Web Development
3. Mobile/Game Application Exhibition
4. Software Exhibition & Competition
5. Robo-Wars

Business Competition

1. Innovative Business Ideas (IBI)

Digital Art and Communication Design

1. Web Design
2. Poster Design
3. Logo Design
4. Photography Competition

Gaming Competitions:

1) Need For Speed – Most Wanted
2) Counter Strike 1.6
3) FIFA 2013

General Information


IBA FCS has a rich background of Robotic Research and development. Following the same path we are introducing this exhilarating event where LEGO-bots will fight for their rightful owner.

Speed Programming:

Speed programming is a competition testing the ability of programmers to write programs in a limited amount of time.

Web Designing:

In the competition of web designing, it is required from the participants to design a website in a given amount of time.

Poster Designing:

Poster designing is a team competition that requires each team to design posters on a given theme in a limited amount of time. The purpose of this competition is to test their creativity and skills as designers and their ability to work under pressure.

Logo Designing:

Logo designing is a creativity competition for people who want to show their abilities as designers. In this competition participants are required to design logos for a given theme/idea.


Photography is a group challenge in which participants will be given a theme or a story and they will have to support and depict their ideas using pictures.

Need for Speed:

If you like cars and if you know how to drive them fast… REAL FAST, this is the competition for you. Need for speed is an individual challenge in which participants compete in a very intense environment in a game of Need for Speed. Two competitors play 3 rounds at against each other in which the competitor who wins two or all rounds stays in the challenge.


FIFA is an individual competition in which participants will compete against each other in a match of 15 minutes to half an hour. The winning participant stays in the competition while the losing participant leaves.

Counter Strike:

Counter Strike is an individual competition which will be played in groups made by the organizing team.


All across the nation innovative software projects are created by students of the IT sector to showcase their talent and put their abilities to work. Software competition will have participants in the form of teams displaying their projects at IBA’s main lawn; a place where they’ll get to display their projects to 500 participants and 3000 ongoing university students.


Hardware project exhibition will run in the similar pattern of Software Project Exhibition.

Innovative Idea Competition:

The idea competition is solely created to link the technology lovers with the ideas who can convert skill into money. Shortlisted candidates will present their ideas in front of highly respected and renowned jury

Mobile/Game Application Exhibition

Mobile Apps and Gaming Industry are highly valuable assets of today’s industry. Catering to this need, IBA PROBATTLE’14 will be welcoming gamers and developers from all across Pakistan to illustrate their work.

For more info visit IBA PROBATTLE website www.ibaprobattle.com

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