Biogas Construction Company Establish by Nawaz Shad

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An other successful story of Entrepreneur Nawaz Shad, He is Establish a  Biogas Construction Company (BCC)

Muhammad Nawaz is heading a 25 member family in Chak 455-JB, Jhang. He is a retired Pak Air Force technician. After his retirement he started running two general stores but did not get good profits. After that he started cultivation but could not gain better revenue. As he was head of a big family he was very concerned about his financial survival. His son was a mason and had been working with PDBP as a mason since 2009. He gave his father an idea to establish a Biogas Construction Company (BCC) and work as a biogas plants construction contractor so they could have a sustained and profitable business. Muhammad Nawaz agreed and started working with PDBP as a BCC manager in district Jhang.

Now he is one of the successful BCCs of PDBP. His 5 sons are working with him as supervisor and masons. Since 2009 the BCC has constructed more than 200 biogas plants under PDBP and more than 35 plants out of PDBP. The BCC is providing income generation opportunity to 21 staff members including the manager, supervisor, masons and laborers. Entire staff of his company is insured and facilitated with other health and financial benefits.

Muhammad Nawaz’s monthly income from this business amounts up to PKRs.200000/month. His BCC owns 5 motorcycles and 1 rickshaw. His office is well established and furnished. Apart of a business opportunity he is happy to contribute his services in social and financial development of the rural people. He is very conscious about quality and standard of his products and services; he boldly says that his clients and PDBP staff are witness of his performance.

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He considers himself in the best business setup and declares it the most profitable activity for his family. He is comfortably meeting all needs of his family and supporting his children. Nawaz Shad has participated in an exposure visit of Bangladesh as reward from PDBP on his good performance. He has planned to go far a Hajj in near future. He thanks PDBP for providing him the best livelihood opportunity


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