A Game of Fuel-Mileage

Team innova vehicle Dynamo
Team innova  vehicle  Dynamo
Team innova vehicle Dynamo

A Game of Fuel-Mileage By M. Ali Shahzad

Every year, Shell hosts a competition by the name of Shell Eco-marathon in America, Europe and Asia. The Asian competition has been hosted in different cities around the continent like Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) & Manila (Philippines). Next year in February, the 5thShell Eco-marathon Asia will be hosted again in Manila with the same ultimate goal for its participants; to make the most fuel-efficient car possible.
In the past versions of the competition, participants from 15 different Asian countries took this challenge and designed/fabricated fuel-efficient vehicles.These participants are not more than college/university students with a handful of resources to carry out the project. The biggest task of such a project, as I anticipate, is not the design and fabrication of the vehicle itself. It is the securing of sponsors, which help to fund the fabrication and transportation expenses of the vehicle. Through its many facets, the competition presents a real test of technical knowledge, innovation and a year’s worth of hardwork.
The vehicles to be developed fall either in the UrbanConcept or the Prototype category. UrbanConcept cars are required to look similar to 4 wheel sedans commonly found in the streets around the world. Prototype cars can be shaped in any way, as long as it falls within the design constraints of the competition. Teams of Shell Eco-marathon consist of 8 members, with even more members working from the home city. The vehicle can be propelled by gasoline, diesel or an alternative energy method (ethanol, fuel cells, solar panels, battery power etc.)
Team innova
Team innova, participating in Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2015, consists of 15 mechanical & electrical engineering students from Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences. It is the second team to participate from the university in the UrbanConcept category, succeeding Team Voltex. Last year, Team Voltex secured 2nd position in Pakistan with their car called Pak-Agnis. The car put up an astonishing figure of 49 km/liter of gasoline. Team PNEC, NUST secured the 1st position with a score of 52 km/liter.
This year, Team innova will participate with their vehicle called Dynamo, which is a modification of Pak-Agnis. This vehicle will be improved by reduction of weight, usage of a more powerful engine and addition of more systems. Dynamo is being designed now a days and will be fabricated by September. It will be put up for public display in October 2014. Team innova is all set to secure the top position in the UrbanConcept category within the country and is fully determined to raise the Pakistani flag among other Asian nations. Stay tuned!


For information about Shell Eco-marathon Asia, visit: http://www.shell.com/global/environment-society/ecomarathon/events/asia.html

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M. Ali Shahzad

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