Techno-Management Fest, TECH TRON’14

NED University of Engineering & Technology presents National Level Techno-Management Fest, TECH TRON’14  It provides a challenging an excellent platform for showing the practicality of the tech-enthusiastic minds of today’s budding engineers .TECH TRON’s programs provide the strategies, tools and best practices that the students need , to excel in the field of ELECTRONICS. We plan to prepare the incoming years for their final year projects and help them in exploring the various possibilities and innovations in the labyrinth of Electronics.
Technologies come and go and change over time and to remain up-to-date becomes a major challenge. We present this event to mark up to the higher level of technology and to go beyond the horizon.

TECH TRON’14  introduce Robotics, at a much higher level , so that Students must establish a solid internal rhythm that continues to beat no matter where the robotics takes them. The challenge is to balance the complexities with the need to keep it coherent and simple so it can be routinely executed. Our aim is to shape the students and prepare them in their next bigger step after they graduate i.e. their career

Communication and Collaboration:

In order to develop communication skills, TECH TRON’14 introduce two spectacular programs “PRESENTATION DU PROJECT” Where your confidence building skills, your presentation skills will be tested and workshops will be conducted to help students in learning how to “PRESENT” your idea effectively, boldly and professionally.

• Presentation Du Project
• Temple Run
• Codeathon
• Are You Ready

A brief description about the programs:


“Creativity creates creators”

Innovation is NOT a product. Innovation is NOT just technology and is NOT merely a concept. Innovation is a sustainable process and is a manifestation of originality, in thinking, and in conceptualizing natural inventions of the mind. Stretching minds little further than the normal thresholds have resulted in great innovations. These innovations first take the form of projects.
Presentation du project is an event in which we are presenting a competition on various technical projects as well as models. A student’s innovative mind and practical ideas will be checked in this event. Also it will be seen how the concept behind the particular project or the model can be applied in industries. The participants can present the working models, projects or application based models. Also the presentation skills will be tested to its limit.

We present an arena to expose the talent and in-depth knowledge on students’ interested areas. They can explore and magnetize their innovative presentation by chilling the hearts of many through their spicy ideas, just like “I am not, But I am trying to” the phrases of Winston Churchill; mesmerized many. All they need to do is to fuel their brain to ideate the ideas that never existed. The planet is all theirs and they can come up with a spark of innovation to improve the social well being throughout the nation.


“Is your bot smart enough to save the temple?”

We introduce a Robotics program where two bots will compete against each other. The robot must be designed and programmed intelligently enough to pass all the hurdles in the shortest possible time and reach the temple. Programming skills will be tested to the fullest.


“Test your knowledge in electronics”

In this program, all the basic knowledge of students about ELECTRONICS will be tested. A technical quiz related to electronics term and theories will be conducted in First round .This short screening test will shape up the students in their concept building and will excel them in the field of electronics.
Then in Round 2 Their PIC/AVR programming skills will be tested and they will be asked to show the output on hardware.
This event brings out all their skills in conquering their potential in programming.

4) Are You Ready


Ned University’s MEGA EVENT TechTron brings you OPEN Start up Challenge 2014 If you are already running a start-up or you have a great idea to start a new venture. TechTron presents, “ARE YOU READY” where you can get a chance to get funding from local and international Investors.Along with that, you will polish the skills needed to get placed in top companies.
Think you’ve got the confidence to speak out bold in a group discussion?

Think you possess the adequate technical knowledge and other soft skills to be a successful engineer?
Do you have the idea for Start-up Company?? You possess skills to start your own company?
Let’s find out! Are you ready?!


This year NEDUET ELECTRONIC Department introduces ARE YOU READY ,with the theme “Ideas Today: START your OWN company Tomorrow”. ARE YOU READY is THE MOST LEGENDARY STUDENT LEVEL BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITION OF PAKISTAN introducing a number of revolutionary and unique concepts, such as extensive training and mentoring by industry experts, having multi-university and multi-disciplinary teams and breaking a number of myths such as that Business plan competitions are for business majors only.

With the aim Ideas Today: START your OWN company Tomorrow”., prize money is focused around the winners and the runners-up in each category to help them take their winning ideas to an actual business venture; additional help from NED comes in the form of expert faculty, knowledge sharing, seed money and incubation facilities. Moreover, corporates from various firms and industries are encouraged to appoint winners and runner up for internship and apprenticeship. Pakistan science club is also media partner of this event

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Techno-Management Fest, TECH TRON’14

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