Biogas Brought Significant Changes in A Farmer’s Life

Multiple Benefits of Biogas Brought Significant Changes in A Farmer’s Life, Irfan-ul-Haq Story from Faisalabad

Irfan-ul-Haq farm

Uses of biogas such as kitchen fueling, Tubewell running, electricity production, Bioslury in agricultural farms and fish farms, a large number of beneficiaries is a multi user of biogas. They are using biogas to get all said benefits at the same time. Observing the user attitude it can be expected that the 100% of users wish to or can use
biogas to get all said benefits but the only thing that matters is the size of the plant.

Mian Irfan-ul-Haq from village 121-Jb Gokhuwal, Faisalabad. He owns 50 acres of land in partnership with his brother. He has done M.A and LLB and practices law as an advocate. His main business is orchard farming. His orchard namely “Saeed Ahsan Fruit Farms”
produces Dates, Mangos, Citrus and Guava. The orchard is famous locally as “Khajuran wala bagh”. In December 2011 Mian Irfan-ul-Haq contacted BDPB and constructed a 15m3 Biogas plant in his orchards. The family started using biogas in alternate of expensive LPG cylinders. The slurry exhausted from the plant was drained to the fruit plants that put visible impact on their growth.

So in January 2014 he constructed 50m3 sized biogas plant under the R&D scheme of PDBP and availed subsidy up to 75%. The major benefit of this biogas plant in the house is that it is being used in
replacement of expensive petrol for electricity generation. He runs a 5KV generator on 50m3 sized new biogas plant. The generator is used for 6 hours a day and it takes a liter of petrol per hour that costs Rs.108/liter. Now the biogas has eased the life of the family as they save up to Rs. 39,000/month through multiple uses of biogas. Irfan-ul-Haq shares that the multiple benefits of the biogas plant have brought a significant change in entire family’s life. The enhanced production in the orchards is providing increased revenues and the savings at electricity production and kitchen fueling is also very satisfactory. He tells that apart of the benefits at domestic level, that biogas is very good for environment as it abolishes cut of trees for firewood and the biogas plant manages the animal dung in a very productive way. He wishes that other farmers and domestic women should also avail this opportunity and enjoy the multiple benefits of the biogas plant.





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