LG announced Mosquito Away Air Conditioner

LG Electronics (LG) announced that its latest Residential Air Conditioning (RAC) solution, the Mosquito Away, will be released in Pakistan. Designed and built specifically for the Pakistan market, the new product incorporates an impressive function that uses ultrasonic waves to combat mosquitoes. The Mosquito Away also offers the many advantages of LG’s advanced air conditioning technologies, including extreme dependability in harsh weather conditions and powerful cooling.

“We believe that the Mosquito Away air conditioner can provide true comfort to consumers across Pakistan,” said Mr. D. Y. Kim, President LG Electronics, Gulf FZE. “Equipped with LG’s ultrasonic wave technology, the new model is an effective, non-toxic means of repelling mosquitoes. It also boasts unparalleled operational stability and impressive cooling capabilities, guaranteeing strong, reliable performance when it’s needed most. LG is confident that its advanced Mosquito Away air conditioner will meet the needs of the Pakistan market.”

Immediately apparent from its name, the Mosquito Away is designed to aid in the fight against mosquitoes. In strictly governed tests, the Mosquito Away proved its effectiveness by repelling 60 percent of female Anopheles mosquitoes and deterring 70 percent from biting. The air conditioner emits ultrasonic waves that disrupt the mosquito’s sensory cells, causing paralysis, confusion, and often, death. This clever technology is completely harmless to humans and represents a clean, safe alternative to dangerous chemical-based insecticides and repellants. The efficacy of LG’s product has been certificated by international product testing and inspection company, Intertek. In addition, the Mosquito Away has also received the European Commission’s CE product conformity mark for its electrically safe design. Meanwhile, TÜV NORD has also declared LG’s innovative ultrasonic wave technology safe for use. Conveniently, the Mosquito Away function can be turned on independently of cooling; helping to prevent unnecessary energy usage.

For stable operation, LG has implemented its new Volt Care technology; a combination of the Low Voltage Starter and High Voltage Safe systems. The Low Voltage Starter enables the air conditioner to operate continuously at lower voltage while the High Voltage Safe helps the air conditioner to cope with power surges via an upgraded power circuit board (PCB). Designed with the unstable nature of Pakistan’s national power grid in mind, the High Voltage Safe ensures full functionality even when electrical current jumps to 350V. This system provides an operational range that is 20 to 25 percent wider than that of most competing models. Moreover, the upgraded PCB can withstand spikes in voltage as high as 400 to 470V – around 13 percent more than the average RAC can handle.

When strong, fast cooling is required, Jet Cool function help the air conditioner to reach the desired temperature in an incredibly short amount of time.

The Mosquito Away will be available in Pakistan from Feb 2015.

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