Cheapest Family Cars to Buy- Things You Need to Know

Cheapest Family Cars to Buy- Things You Need to Know

You can see plenty of luxurious cars on the roads-but what the major population demands is comfort and price. Economical drive with the comfort of good price is definitely what families seek. However, on the whole Pakistan Automobile Industry stands almost no where, and this is why the cars (even the cheapest in neighboring countries like India) are not cheap-in fact are n;;t available at a good price.

The car that has been marked as a retired car by Wikipedia, “The Suzuki Mehran is a globally retired small car manufactured and marketed by Pak Suzuki Motors, a subsidiary of Suzuki in Pakistan.” Is still the most vividly sold car. The reason as mentioned above is the status of Pakistan’s automobile industry and high prices for the cars.

You might be amongst the ones who cannot afford to buy a brand new car-for a used car, we suggest you to visit any of the following websites: or They serve as a great platform for the best new or used car sale and purchase. Your attempt to purchase your vehicle should be one time thing whether old or new-these e-sites ensure a hassle free purchase.

For your purchase, we have already directed you to the best car purchasing websites in Pakistan and now for your information about the cheapest family cars in Pakistan, we are listing down a few:

Suzuki Mehran

As already stated, Mehran is the most economically loved car in Pakistan and therefore its sale is vivid. It might not be comfortable at all (even after all these years of make), not for longer routes, but for within the city drive and maintenance concerns-the availability of parts is also a plus point. It offers 18 KM mileage on highway and transition from 0 to 60 Km/hour in 13 seconds-that’s actually commendable.

Suzuki Bolan Van

Suzuki Bolan Van is a package of family ride and speciousness. It is most commonly seen on the roads Pakistan and most of the times, its seen loading or carrying load instead.  In Pakistan Suzuki Bolan Van is also a multi-purposed used car; as an ambulance, for family, for school/college pick and drops, and as a taxi. Just like any other car, you have number of color options-offers choice and a fuel capacity of 36 liters. The seating capacity is 8 while it’s 796cc van.

Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto is another favorite vehicle of average affordability family users. It seems similar in size to Mehran but has several advantages over it-the seats are very comfortable and spacious as well. The latest model has 60 kg of its weight and is stronger than the prior models. It has three cylinder engines and fuel capacity of 36 km/liter. Suzuki Alto also has a seat belt reminder for both the driver and front passenger. The car has the ability to keep a hold on hills and offers Rader brake support collision mitigation.

Suzuki Baleno

Suzuki Baleno had an official launch on September 15th 2015 at Frankfurt Motor Show. It powers a 1000cc jet direct injection turbocharged petrol engine that is going to be fuel efficient. The latest version has a pretty decent appeal, reduced engine displacement, the bump on power and torque with weight saving additions, Baleno 2016 will improve the fuel economy.  It’s a comfortably desirable car and is worth the price. The latest remake will get you thinking!

Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R has an engine of K-Series which means, the best fuel efficiency and low consumption at the same time. The powered steering of Wagon R takes the power from the battery instead of the engine that also increases efficiency. The fuel capacity of this car is 35 liters and the same, 5 passenger capacity. The comfort of the car however even allows another person to squeeze in. Might not be so cheap for the price but is worth the comfort and efficiency.

Suzuki Swift

Take a look at the roads and see what do you see the most? Well, it’s Suzuki Swift or another competitor (will be mentioned below). The car has 1.3L powerful engine-this is the major reason why 2014, 2015, and even this year’s most favorite car of Pakistani people is Suzuki Swift. The quality of the car is excellent and its exterior has been matched with the compact hatchback. It looks appealing, decent, and sporty at the same time. Moreover, families love space-Suzuki Swift offers plenty of that.

Suzuki Celerio

The Suzuki Celerio is a newly launched car, replacing Suzuki Alto and Suzuki Splash mini. It has a large cabin space which offers to be a great add on. The interior has been carefully designed to offer space and comfort and colors (a total of 7 bold and unique shades) that offer you extensive choice. Suzuki Celerio has 998cc engine that gives 67bhp while developing a torque of 90Nm, moreover efficiency is guaranteed.

Toyota Vitz

It is the most popular choice of families, ladies, and young guys. In fact, it’s better if we say; to look young and appealing, you sit in Toyota Vitz. A very impressive looking car that has 106 horsepower, 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine, and is further paired with five-speed manual or four-speed automatic features. You can buy the car in three or five door option and as seen in Pakistan, it’s mostly five doors as it offers comfort.

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