Pakistan Science Club Conducted Science Show at Lok Virsa Islamabad

Mother Language Literature Festival 2018

Pakistan Science Club Conducted Hands-on Science activities & Show at Mother Language Literature Festival 2018 Lok Virsa Islamabad

Mother Language Literature Festival is the flagship activity of Indus Cultural Forum initiated in 2016. The festival is arranged to mark the International Mother Languages Day on 21 February, declared by UNESCO.

The third edition of the festival promised even more features including launching of books, panel discussions, literature and science activities. The event was organized by the collaboration of ECO Science Foundation, Pakistan Science Foundation and Strengthening Participatory Organization.

Like that of previous year, Pakistan Science Club with the collaboration of ECO Science Foundation brought exciting Fun Science activities and Hands-on workshop of Bristle bot for the promotion of science along with fun and amusement at Mother Language Literature Festival held in Islamabad on 17th-18th February. In two days of festival, students, teachers and families were engaged in science learning with a new dimension.

The activities were especially designed for the festival which added up the practical applications of various scientific phenomenon and enhanced the Hands-on skills of both children and adults.

Science Show at Mother Language Literature Festival 2018

Approximately 4-5 fun Science demonstrations showed up there. They were basically the learning challenges and activities including simple scientific tricks to decipher the basic laws and theories of various science such as chemical reactions, inertia, pressure, light, sound, force and gravity etc. Some of these are as following:

  • Genie in the bottle
  • Elephant toothpaste
  • Smoke rings
  • Balancing stick
  • Bernoulli balls
  • Fire ball activity
  • Carbon dioxide and Balloon activity
  • Tornado tube
  • Bernoulli bag

Two workshops of Bristlebot were carried out, one on each day and approximately 50 families participated in them. It is the simplest walking robot and can be made by using simple household things. Due to its simplicity children enjoy its making and it is one of the popular Science Fair Projects and the name is given because it has Bristles at its base to move instead of legs. The duration of each session was 90 minutes, children from all age groups, their families and teachers actively participated in the activities and were really excited when taking there bots to home.



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